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Chesterfield Kollel

Under the guidance of Rabbi Winter, our Kollel's mission is to enhance our amazing community both physically and spiritually through the increase of Torah learning within the existing community, while maintaining a focus on community development.

History of the Kollel

The Chesterfield Kollel was founded in February 2016 and is currently headed by the Rosh Kollel (Dean), Rabbi Yoni Rubin and Assistant Rosh Kollel and St. Louis native, Rabbi Yisroel Meir Frank.  There are currently five Rabbis that comprise the Kollel and they are engaged in intensive, full-time learning on a daily basis, as well as providing regular learning opportunities for members of the community.  The Kollel is currently conducting a search for additional Torah scholars to join the Kollel.

Limud HaTorah

This is our primary function.  An integral part of any community is the strong backbone of Torah learning throughout the Synagogue and its members.  We plan to bring in-depth Torah learning to all congregants on their respective levels.  With our own Kollel style morning and afternoon sedarim, a daily night seder, lunch and learn classes, along with weekly and daily Iyun and Halacha classes, we hope to continue to bring the beauty of Torah into the lives and homes of everyone living in Chesterfield.

Jewish Outreach

One of our goals is to eventually establish Chesterfield as a beacon of outreach by building relationships with our unaffiliated brothers and sisters.  Though thoughtful and innovative programs, we hope to connect Jews living in Chesterfield with our Shul.  Community Shabbat meals, various seminars, one-on-one learning, Sunday classes for children, and the simple attraction of basic Torah learning are but a few avenues of Kiruv we hope to pursue.


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